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Fantasy Play

Posted: 1 year ago - Feb 03, 2023

I want a mentor/disciplinarian, to bend me over their lap or something and then have them hand spank me. 37 swats over my pants then take those down, 37 swats over my undies, then take those down and give the final 37 swats on my bare bottom. The swats should sting a little bit and by the time the spanking is done, my butt should be a nice shade of pink/red, but no bruises or marks should be left. Then I want to be turned into a tickle slave. I get stripped naked, tied up and blindfolded, and then get ruthlessly/mercilessly tickled with every tickle tool possible; such as baby oil/massage oil, fingers/fingernails, feathers, electric toothbrush, soft bristled paint brushes, tongue etc...and it happens as often as u want, as many times as u want, whenever u want, for as long as u want; whenever we're together, including my private areas (i.e. my pussy/pussy lips/clit, ass/ass crack/ass hole). This will take place after that is, you have explored and discovered all of my tickle spots and what works best on them...In doing so, I also become your stress reliever...If you'd like to, you can also have friends come to tickle me with u or while u just watch as I suffer. Your friends can occasionally swat me too if they'd like to. I would also like to be edged and therefore become more and more sensitive to the tickling each time I get edged. I also want to be given pink bellies and pussy/clit swats/slaps...Once I become the tickle toy/tickle slave I also want to be given rules to follow or I will be given extra spankings and extra tickling and edging as punishment.

In doing all of this, u can also make me cook, clean, and wait on u hand and foot. If I do something wrong or not fast enough, I get punished with the above mentioned things. U also reserve the right to playfully tease and tickle me as I'm working or doing whatever u have me doing to try to make me mess up so that u can punish me. I would also like remote controlled vibrators (that you control the remotes/intensities for) to be put in my pussy and possibly ass hole and then have a diaper put on me and a pacifier gag put in my mouth. (The diaper thing is negotiable if you're not comfortable awith it) With that said, I also want to be tickled and treated as though I am a baby or young child. (Rasberries/gerbertz blown on my tickle spots, tickle nursery rhymes, and drinking juice or water from a bottle). We can also come up with different games/scenarios to make the tickling/ spankings more interesting from time to time. Pussy/clit spankings and pink bellies included. Men, I DON'T give oral. I don't want to risk getting pregnant so I'm not sure if i want sex or not. This is negotiable and we can discuss it later. I don't have transportation and I can't host.

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